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When selling anything, you want to do everything you can to ensure you get the most money possible. This is especially true when selling something as valuable as a Rolex watch. Use the tips below to increase the value of your watch and sell it successfully.

Find a Reputable Buyer

Though there are many ways you can sell your Rolex, you will have the most success if you sell your Rolex in Atlanta to a jeweler. Many people believe they can get a better price if they list their watch online on a website like eBay. However, it is unlikely you will be able to sell it for its true value that way. Plus, there is no guarantee it will be sold at all. Selling your Rolex at an auction house comes with lots of hidden commissions and fees that will cut into your profit. You are better off selling the watch to a trusted jeweler who will recognize the value of the piece and offer a fair price.

Box and Papers

One easy way to increase the value of your watch is by selling it with the box and papers that it came with. This will also increase the price you can expect to receive for the watch. The papers help to verify the watch’s authenticity, which will make it more appealing to buyers. The original box is another point of interest for buyers and may increase the overall value by a few hundred dollars.

Model Number

Before listing the watch online or going to the store to sell it, make sure you know what the model number is. Model numbers offer all sorts of useful information to potential buyers. Without the number, a buyer may just skip right past your item without giving it a second glance.

Rolex 2

High-Quality Photos

If you decide to sell your Rolex online, be sure to use very high-quality photos in the listing. Good pictures will attract buyers. Take lots of photos of the watch from different angles. If there are any imperfections, upload photos of them as well, because buyers will want to know about them.


If you do not have the original papers that came with your Rolex, you can get it authenticated. Most buyers look for some type of authentication so they can be sure that they are spending money on the real deal; they don’t want to get scammed. You can increase your profits by providing proof that the watch is authentic. A jeweler with a Rolex-maker can authenticate the watch and confirm whether it is a real Rolex or not.