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There are a number of reasons you may be looking to offload fine jewelry. Maybe your tastes have changed and you never wear the expensive pieces filling your jewelry box. Or maybe you need a little extra cash to make a down payment on a house or a car or to pay a bill. If you’re looking to make some extra dough and you have valuable jewelry you’re thinking of selling, you may be reluctant to list your used fine jewelry online. You may be concerned about scams and safety, but thanks to many reputable online platforms and established jewelry stores that offer online sales, it’s safe, convenient, and easier than ever to sell jewelry in Atlanta online. Here are some of the benefits to making an online sale.


Before the Internet exploded, finding a jewelry store willing to pay top dollar for your estate jewelry required driving around town and visiting each shop in person. Not only is that a time consuming way to make a sale, but driving around and using all of that fuel can really eat into the profits once you finally find a place to sell estate jewelry in Atlanta. To sell online, you simply send your pieces to a reputable jewelry store you’ve found online. They’ll send you an appraisal and a bid. If you accept the offer, the store sends you a check. If you reject the order, the potential buyer returns your jewelry–all without you ever having to leave your house!

Broad Buyer Pool

With online platforms, you aren’t limited to selling your jewelry within driving distance of your home. You have the option of reaching out to potential buyers all over the world. This increases your opportunity to sell used jewelry from Atlanta at top price, because your pool of potential buyers is much bigger. Find the right buyer, and you’ll get the best price.


Selling to a local pawn shop or gold broker often means traveling through several parts of town carrying expensive jewelry with you. This is a recipe for disaster! Selling to a reputable buyer online is a safer choice.

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Decent Price

When you sell online to a jewelry store, you’re likely to get a better price than you would selling your fine jewelry to a pawnbroker. A pawnbroker is looking only at margin of potential profit for your piece, whereas a reputable jeweler recognizes that you may be back as a customer one day. This gives the jeweler motivation to offer a fair price, though it’s important that those selling used jewelry understand they are unlikely to get anywhere near the actual value of the jewelry when selling secondhand.

At one time, many thought it crazy to sell old diamond jewelry in Atlanta online. However, modern online platforms coupled with reputable jewelers now making offers over the internet has made selling jewelry online a smart decision for those hoping to cash in on used jewelry they never wear. Online jewelry sales offer a broad buyer pool; they’re convenient, safe, and sellers can fetch a decent price. These are a few of the reasons many people decide to sell their fine jewelry online.