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Since the price of gold fluctuates on a daily basis, it’s difficult to come up with an estimate that’s long-lasting. The fact is your gold ring or necklace may be worth more tomorrow than it is today, or the other way around. Jewelers and pawnshop owners are well aware of this fact, and you should be too if you want to get a fair deal. While some jewelers can be trusted enough to educate you on this information, others will simply take advantage of you to earn an extra profit. The good news is you can prepare yourself for the negotiating table by doing a few quick online searches before selling gold and silver in Atlanta.

How Much Is Your Gold Jewelry Worth?

Figuring out how much a gold jewelry piece is worth can be relatively simple. You probably already know that gold comes in different karats, which defines gold purity. Pure gold is labeled 24k, 999 or possibly something else, depending on the manufacturer. Authentic jewelry always comes with a small stamp which indicates gold karat. If you’re having difficulty deciphering the stamp, doing a quick online search should solve the problem. Once the karat has been determined, your next step is figuring out the current market value of that karat, which is easily done by browsing the web. The number you find will determine value per gram, so your final step will be weighing your jewelry piece to come up with the final figure.

What If Your Jewelry Has Precious Stones?

Many jewelry pieces come with embedded diamonds, or other precious stones. The only reason to keep those stones in is if you plan on selling that particular pieces for far more than its worth in gold. Appraising diamonds is a far more complicated process compared to simple gold jewelry, meaning that only a professional jeweler can tell you what a diamond is worth. Most establishments which purchase old gold jewelry make their money by melting it down. For places like these, you’ll be lucky if someone offers you anything close to what the diamond is actually worth. If you trust the business you’re working with when SELLING GOLD JEWELRY IN ATLANTA, then you can bring the ring in as is and they may even offer to take the stone out for you. Other than that, taking precious stones out is a better idea.

Prevent Unnecessary Damage

If a jeweler doesn’t trust the items you’re trying to sell, they’ll have to use some harsh methods to determine whether the jewelry your brought them is fake or not. Part of those methods requires making a small incision and pouring nitric acid inside the jewelry piece to see if there’s a reaction. When done once, it’s not so bad, but going from shop to shop when selling gold and silver in Atlanta may literally butcher your ring or necklace. To avoid this, make a few calls first to see what jewelers are offering based on the information you’ve found.