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In the era of the Internet, it can be tempting to think that everything should be done online. In many cases, that’s certainly not a bad idea. Unfortunately, when it comes to selling gold jewelry, it can be a terrible decision.

Getting Value

Gold prices and the value of precious stones always vary over time. That’s just how the market works. Every gold jewelry buyer knows that, but not all of them take into consideration other elements of the piece. Many stores have appraisers, so they can evaluate more than just the weight and worth of the materials. Many online gold buyers only care about the current value of the material. In-person buyers generally assess the quality and character of the piece. If they have established relationships, they’ll have a pretty good idea right away as to whether or not they can move a particular item. Jewelry isn’t just about the material, and local jewelers are quite aware of that. In fact, they count on it.

Timely Response

Online shipments, appraisals, and payments take time. The amount of time can vary from days to weeks, depending on how backlogged they are. If you’re trying to sell the item online yourself, via eBay or another website, it could take even longer. And you’re unlikely to get a fair deal on your jewelry. People that are looking for jewelry online generally want a bargain, so they’re not interested in giving you fair-market value for your jewelry. Whether you want your jewelry to get sold quickly or you’re worried about getting the most for it, you’re better off with a store. Selling your gold jewelry in person is a much better (and safer) choice.



The Internet is known for scams, and online buyers are no exception. You can do a quick Google search to confirm that scams are all too common. It’s much harder to scam people in person. After all, you won’t be willing to leave the store without your money and many of stores offer cash. That’s much easier than waiting for someone to pay you online, and you don’t have to give out your banking information or start a PayPal account. If you’re wary of online buyers, there are good reasons for that. Don’t put your personal information or property in jeopardy if you don’t have to.

A Relationship

This might not be as important if you don’t sell jewelry very often, but it’s something to consider. Local buyers are interested in establishing relationships. They want a steady stream of merchandise. Having local sellers and buyers that they know helps them both maintain their stock and guarantee sales. Developing a bad reputation is incredibly harmful to their business. If you’ve been wondering, “How do I go about selling my jewelry in Atlanta?”, you should know to start locally. Speak with the professionals at Elan Diamond Group. They’re happy to walk you through the process.