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Are you fascinated with watches and timepieces? They have a long, intriguing history, leading up to the fine watches of today. Read this historical timeline and add a unique, antique watch to your collection.

A Timeline History of Fine Watches

18th Century

Although the true origin of the first watch remains unsubstantiated, it’s generally accepted by watch aficionados that pocket watches were an invention of the 1700’s.

19th Century

The first watch, worn on the wrist, was made for Caroline, Queen of Naples. The rest of the 19th century saw a swift evolution of the wristwatch. Initially, it was deemed uniquely feminine. However as they featured better designs and sturdier clips and straps, they became known for their value as well as their functionality. Many considered a purchase of a unique watch their own personal savings account for the future. A few designer names of the 19th century were LeCoulture, Cartier, and Zenith.

20th Century

The 1900’s marked the onset of mass production. Machine assembly began in earnest, and just in time, as people were on the move throughout the country and wanted a portable way to know the time, at all times. Many designer names emerged within the watch industry throughout the 20th century. A few that stood the test of time are Chanel, Gucci, and the king of watches, Rolex.

In addition to the evolution of designs for both sexes, the second half of this era saw innovations to watch features and capabilities. Waterproofing, stopwatches, electrically powered watches, and analog quartz watches evolved within fifty-years.

21st Century

The age of technology created a myriad of new watch permutations. Watches with built-in tracking systems, underwater, pressure-resistant watches, and the invention of the smartwatch all allow wearers to do much more that simply tell time.

Whether you love collecting antique timepieces or love the feeling of a fine watch on your wrist as you head out for an evening of luxury, the Elan Diamond Group has what you’re looking for. Their collections are built from a variety of vetted estates. You’ll find more than top-of-the-line watches at Elan. They focus on premier fine jewelry and diamonds as well. Are you looking to sell one of your prize pieces? Contact them through their website at www.elandiamondgroup.com. And then call their Atlanta, Georgia location at (404) 386-6009 to make an appointment with one of their highly-trained specialists.