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Nearly everyone who owns precious gold or silver jewelry knows that it can be sold, often purely for its content of precious metals, like gold and inlaid gemstones that may have raw value, or “melt” value. Even gold or silver jewelry with a fairly basic design can be worth more than it appears to simple because of the rarity and beauty of the metals inside. Everything from earrings to watches and necklaces has some basic value, so long as it contains at least one precious metal.

You can fetch especially high prices if you sell diamond jewelry in Atlanta, diamonds being among the most valuable of the gemstones because it’s virtually indestructible and mesmerizing to look at. Diamond buyers are particularly common, along with buyers who are interested in various precious metals.

Many people who have gold and silver jewelry often wonder if the presence of gemstones, from diamonds to pearls, actually negates or has a poor effect on its value. Actually, the contrary is true. The presence of gemstones gives gold and silver even pieces even more value. Diamond buyers and others who have an eye for specific gems will gladly accept gold and silver chains and other pieces that hold the gemstone. Here’s how to sell to them.

Visiting a Specialist

What if you just want to sell the gold chain, silver earring, or other gold and silver valuables, and are interested in keeping the gemstone? That’s simple. Like selling a diamond, selling gold and silver involves an appraisal, in which the valuables are authenticated. This is the process of proving that the gold and silver are real and don’t just line the piece, but are the primary metal that make it up. Everyone from diamond jewelry buyers to estate sale companies use rigorous techniques to determine the authenticity of any precious metals brought before them.


Inspecting the Gems

Next, the gold or silver piece will be weighed. If you want to remove and keep any gemstones that are on it, the buyer will remove them, then their weight will be subtracted from the total weight of the piece. If you want to sell the precious gems, too, they will be measured, evaluated, and checked for valuable features like gem clarity and an impressive cut, like the Tiffany or princess cut.

Receipt of Value Estimate

Then, the jewelry will be given an approximate value. Gold, silver, and gemstones will valued based on the international market value of each precious metal. This is how melt value is approximated. At this point, the buyer will make an offer and buy the jewelry off of you. It’s easy to sell diamond jewelry in Atlanta and any other jewelry you own because professional buyers do all the work for you. Simply take in your precious jewelry and let them determine its value.