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When economic uncertainty swept across the country in the late 2000’s, a dramatic increase in gold commercials swept across America’s televisions sets. As the economy started to tank, precious metals increased in value and many people looked to sell jewelry, gold and silver. The reasons why more were willing to part with their precious metals and gems are multiple-fold. If you’re looking where to sell gold in Atlanta, here are several reasons many of your peers have sold their gold.

The Price of Precious Metals

Prices are not nearly as high as they were just a few years ago. They are, however, stable, which means the amount of cash a person can get for gold from jewelry buyers is able to be easily calculated. The same applies to other precious metals. What used to be a very volatile market, with sometimes dramatic ups and downs, has become a reliable market with prices that, while not fixed, are easily forecasted.

The Reality of Gold as an Asset

Gold jewelry used to be considered something that was collected and stored and rarely sold specifically for its gold. Economic recessions forced many people to look at household items to sell gold for cash. Chief among those was precious metals from jewelry and from those, gold. The last time gold held such as “trade for cash” value, was probably during the gold rushes of the old west. Suddenly, and it has remained, people “where is the best place for selling my gold” because that old ring or necklace collecting dust in a jewelry box was worth cold, hard cash. In tough economic times, that cash came in handy for a lot of people.


Jewelry Has Lost Its Popularity

As a showpiece, jewelry has lost a lot of its luster. There was a time when jewelry was considered specialized. For a period, it was considered a status symbol among the wealthy and that trickled down to everyday folks. For a number of reasons, including, but not limited to security, value, look and changing styles, jewelry is not as popular it was even ten years ago. That has led people to try and shed their jewelry inventory and get some cash for it.


While divorces among younger people are less frequent than Baby Boomers, divorces, on the whole, are still a very prevalent occurrence. When a couple gets divorced, their wedding bands and engagement ring are frequently traded in for cash, if for no other reason than it serves as a form of closure. Additionally, other commemorative jewelry (anniversary jewelry) is often sold after a divorce for scrap gold.

You no longer have to go to a pawn shop to trade your jewelry for cash. Now, finding out where to sell gold in Atlanta is easy. Jewelers, online brokers and even snail-mail brokerages will take your old gold jewelry and send you cash.