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Many people have some gold or silver jewelry that they don’t use anymore lying around the house. It’s become common for people to sell this jewelry to get some extra cash. Often, pawn shops will buy your gold and silver items, but they don’t always have the most transparent process. Fortunately, there are places who will give you a full rundown.

Premier Jewelry Buyers

Instead of going to a pawn shop, which might have sketchy or unclear practices, there are many stores that specialize in buying diamonds, gold, and silver. These stores have experts on-site that assess your jewelry and explain to you what you have. Many people aren’t fully aware of what they have, even if they were informed at the time they purchased it. It’s possible that the value has increased more than you realize. If you’ve had any modifications done to it, that may increase its value as well. Premier jewelry buyers will assess each and every detail of your jewelry, and give a thorough explanation as to how much it’s worth. Furthermore, they will run you through the current market value, and make you a fair offer for your jewelry.

Gold 2


Whereas a traditional pawn shop might have a faster process, specialized jewelry buyers not only offer more, but they explain to you what you have. If you’re interested in learning in detail what you have, but aren’t quite ready to sell, these buyers will schedule a one-on-one consultation with you. This meeting is strictly educational, with no pressure to sell. Pawn shops, on the other hand, often set up their process in such a way that pressures you to sell. Also, by acting quickly, they neglect to fully inform you of what your jewelry is comprised of.

Because these shops are highly specialized, they’re able to offer more than most regular pawn shops. Pawn shops try to buy low and sell high, banking on quick turnover. As such, they not only offer less, but tend to sell for less. Jewelry specialists gain a reputation for being fair and selling quality products. As such, they offer you a higher amount and sell for close to the market price. Although it’s a smaller profit margin, it’s not only fair to you, the seller, but the buyer can also be certain that what they’re getting is a top-notch product.

If you have unused jewelry lying around and want to get cash for jewelry in Atlantaseek out specialized jewelry buyers.