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Saturday, 12 May 2018 10:31

5 Tips to Selling Your Rolex

When selling anything, you want to do everything you can to ensure you get the most money possible. This is especially true when selling something as valuable as a Rolex watch. Use the tips below to increase the value of your watch and sell it successfully.

Rolex 1

Find a Reputable Buyer

Though there are many ways you can sell your Rolex, you will have the most success if you sell your Rolex in Atlanta to a jeweler. Many people believe they can get a better price if they list their watch online on a website like eBay. However, it is unlikely you will be able to sell it for its true value that way. Plus, there is no guarantee it will be sold at all. Selling your Rolex at an auction house comes with lots of hidden commissions and fees that will cut into your profit. You are better off selling the watch to a trusted jeweler who will recognize the value of the piece and offer a fair price.

Box and Papers

One easy way to increase the value of your watch is by selling it with the box and papers that it came with. This will also increase the price you can expect to receive for the watch. The papers help to verify the watch’s authenticity, which will make it more appealing to buyers. The original box is another point of interest for buyers and may increase the overall value by a few hundred dollars.

Model Number

Before listing the watch online or going to the store to sell it, make sure you know what the model number is. Model numbers offer all sorts of useful information to potential buyers. Without the number, a buyer may just skip right past your item without giving it a second glance.

Rolex 2

High-Quality Photos

If you decide to sell your Rolex online, be sure to use very high-quality photos in the listing. Good pictures will attract buyers. Take lots of photos of the watch from different angles. If there are any imperfections, upload photos of them as well, because buyers will want to know about them.


If you do not have the original papers that came with your Rolex, you can get it authenticated. Most buyers look for some type of authentication so they can be sure that they are spending money on the real deal; they don’t want to get scammed. You can increase your profits by providing proof that the watch is authentic. A jeweler with a Rolex-maker can authenticate the watch and confirm whether it is a real Rolex or not.


When you're looking for someone who will help you sell a Rolex watch in Atlanta, keep in mind that you can turn a profit. Your watch is worth something. Rather than having to look to make a new investment, consider selling your watch. Watches that are designed to last hold their value.

Rolex 1

Good Brand

When you want to sell fine watches in Atlanta, ask about selling something with a good brand. Ask them about which brand has stood the test of time. With a good history, you’ll know what watch brand has a good reputation. Moreover, consider asking which brand presently reigns as the king when it comes to Swiss watches. That might help you make a decision.


When you invest in a great watch, your investment will have almost no risk. When visiting Atlanta, luxury watch buyers can help you get your return on that investment. And if you have the right kind of watch, it should hold its resale value for twenty to thirty years. It's an investment that's sure to turn some kind of profit.

Think Vintage

When you think about visiting Rolex watch buyers in Atlanta, think about selling something vintage. These watches often come with high resale value and make for great investments. Moreover, this is a great way to sell old watches in case you're looking to upgrade. You might be able to use the money from the old watch toward your new investment.


When you think of one of the world's greatest watch brands, you don't question its popularity. That's one of the reasons why your investment has almost no risk. Their model names have become household names. Similarly, a good watch brand is always popular in the fashion world, further helping promote its popularity.

Rolex 2


When you consider selling a watch, think about selling something that's designed to last for decades. If it's designed to last, there's a higher chance you will be able to make some money in the coming decades.


By maintaining good upkeep, you can help your watch last for decades. Whether you plan on selling it soon or using it for a few years, make sure that you take care of your watch. Practicing good upkeep will prove beneficial to you in either case.


When you want to sell a Rolex watch in Atlanta, age doesn't need to be a hindrance. There is no definite time in which your watch will break. Whether it's brand new or in its mid-thirties, consider asking someone if you can sell your watch. With age, you might find that your watch will become more valuable.

Tuesday, 08 May 2018 09:28

Why Buying Gold Is a Good Investment

Investing in anything takes time and energy. We invest in our careers, putting our all into moving up the proverbial ladder. We invest in our children, putting their needs before ours on a daily basis. Similarly, we should be investing in our future.

Financial advisors are currently recommending you save a percentage of your paycheck, even if you have existing retirement plans in place. More and more, you’re hearing that you may be solely responsible for insuring your quality of life as you age. And yet, you're concerned about putting that money into a bank.


With so many questionable investment opportunities on the market, make a sensible choice. Invest in gold and know you’ll always be able to get cash for gold in Atlanta when you need it.


When planning for your retirement, you want a sold, long-term investment. Sure-thing returns don’t exist anymore. When you begin collecting a diverse array of gold-based items, you’re adding long-term value to your portfolio. Atlanta gold holds its value, regardless of the current going rate. This means you have options. Unlike a stock that’s about to plummet, if the current price of gold isn’t at the profit margin you desire, you simply hold.


There’s a fixed quantity of gold across the globe. This fact alone should convince you to add gold to your portfolio. History is peppered with examples of how limited quantities of an item, paired with market desirability, creates a favorable supply-and-demand equation. Knowing you have a commodity that will always hold value is key as global financial markets continue to become less stable.


Gold is unique in that it’s both an investing tool and a commodity. Unlike cash, gold can morph into a number of forms, creating a trending item able to get you a larger return when selling gold in Atlanta.

Gold also holds appeal with manufacturers. Jewelers, watch designers, and those in the electronic industry use gold as an input. Keep a number of smaller items like buttons, pins, and coins in your collection when business owners are looking to buy.

Furthermore, gold remains the only universally desired commodity. Owning something that holds value, not only here in America, but across the globe, gives you infinite options when you're ready to cash in.

There are many reasons to buy gold and begin a collection. Ensure financial stability for your later years while investing in a commodity with long-term value.

Thursday, 03 May 2018 11:25

Tips for First-Time Gold Buyers

Saving for retirement is something you’re told to do, but what’s the best way to save?

The days of guaranteed high-interest rates on mutual bonds and savings accounts are long gone. Moreover, unless you have a working knowledge of investing, playing the stock market can be as risky as feeding a slot machine at a casino.


You’ve probably heard the long-said adage, “cash is king” and, until recently, that was true. The influx of virtual money has everyone asking what's the best way to truly ensure their financial future.

The answer is simple - gold. Gold is the real king; it’s value dating back to the beginning of time. Invest in gold at places that buy gold and silver in Atlanta and know you’ll have more than enough money to enjoy your retirement.


Buying gold for the first time can be equal parts exciting and terrifying. There’s a thrill in knowing you’re taking a smart first step toward financial freedom, yet who do you buy from? If you’re serious about becoming an intentional collector, you need to find a reputable dealer.

Search for an individual or company backed by the American Numismatic Association (ANA). This non-profit organization only offers membership to gold dealers after they’ve been fully vetted and are deemed ethical, like Elan Diamond Group, gold buyers in Atlanta.

How Much?

This is really up to you. However, the standard guideline of investing, regardless of the commodity, recommends that you only invest sums you’re willing to lose. In the case of gold bars and coins, you’re making a stable investment as compared to the more volatile markets. However, you should still pay attention to the price-per-ounce average as you grow your collection.

What Kinds?

Diversification is the one thing all successful stock profiles have in common. Apply the diversification strategy when investing in gold too. Gold bars come in different sizes and weights. You can choose from buttons, coins, and jewelry. Make it fun. Pick the items you’re drawn to. When it’s time to sell, you’ll have a striking display for the buyer who advertises, we buy gold in Atlanta.

If you’re ready to take control of your financial future, begin collecting gold. It’s lucrative and fun with a reputable dealer who has a diverse collection.

Selling your used Rolex may seem challenging. You can't exactly sell it on the street, and you're unlikely to get the best price selling it on your own to a friend or on the internet. You need to find a reputable buyer who appreciates the value of an extraordinary timepiece. When you're ready to sell your Rolex watch in Atlanta, here are some things you'll want to keep in mind.


Avoid the Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are great if you need cash this instant and aren't necessarily concerned about getting the best value. While your item will be returned to you if you pay back the loan, there's no guarantee they'll still have it. Furthermore, if your Rolex is sold before you can pay back the loan, you know you'll have sacrificed top dollar for a short-term loan. The best thing to do is to wait until you're offered a fair price for your Rolex rather than sell it quickly at a pawn shop.

Rolex Is Unique

It's important that whomever you're selling your watch to, they properly identify the excellence of your timepiece. The money you can get for your watch is dependent on the brand, model, and condition. Rolex watches are unique in that they’re considered among the finest in luxury watches. They're consistently able to maintain their value over other watches, so you'll need to make sure your buyer appreciates what your watch is worth. It's also best not to personally sell your watch to a private buyer because it's unlikely they'll give you a fair price either. What you're looking for is a buyer who is an expert in watches so they won't undervalue your Rolex.


Get Your Watch Appraised

Your decision to sell your Rolex will be that much easier once you've had it appraised. Reputable watch and jewelry buyers have trusted, reliable appraisers working for them who will be able to identify that the watch you're selling is a genuine Rolex, thereby ensuring that you'll get the best price. After you meet privately with the appraiser, they'll tell you what they're willing to offer. You're under no obligation to buy, so if you're not satisfied with the offer you don't have to take it. If, however, their offer is to your liking, you can accept it and walk out with cash in your pocket.

The important thing to remember is you must find a reputable organization that understands the special qualities that make Rolex such an in-demand timepiece. Then, when you're ready to sell your watch, visit Elan Diamond Group, Rolex buyer in Atlanta, you know you'll get the best price possible.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 10:42

Tips for Selling Estate Jewelry

It might be the time in your life where you have to consider selling some estate jewelry you own. No matter the circumstances leading you to do so, check out this infographic to learn about the best practices to do it right. 


If you’re looking for a great piece of diamond jewelry, there’s no shortage of places to look. From retailers to pawn shops and online buyers, many businesses and individuals sell old diamond jewelry in Atlanta. However, if you go in not knowing a couple of fundamental concepts, you’ll be marked as a prime target. Here are some things you should know before buying diamonds and diamond jewelry.

Diamond ring

Diamond or Cubic Zirconia?

Diamonds have an exceptionally identical and synthetic alternative: cubic zirconia (CZ). A cheaper alternative, CZ stones are nearly indistinguishable from diamonds to the untrained eye. While more lustrous than its natural counterpart, it does lose that luster over time. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive piece of diamond jewelry, there’s nothing better than CZ.


A critical factor in determining price, the color of a white diamond refers to the presence of a yellow hue found in the mineral. This is graded on an alphabetized scale that ranges from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow), in which colorless diamonds are considered more valuable because they disperse light at a much higher rate.


Of the four C’s of diamonds, the cut is the most essential, as it directly affects the stone’s brilliance and visual appeal. What the cut ultimately refers to are the perfect proportions required for light to enter the table and crown and be reflected back through the top facets. If a stone is cut either too shallow or steep, light escapes through the bottom, which prevents the diamond from exhibiting its full potential.


The clarity of a diamond is determined by the amount and placement of inclusions, or imperfections, that interfere with light passing through the stone. Because there are so few flawless diamonds, inclusions are to be expected, although they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Most diamond estate jewelry buyers have appraisers using 10-power magnification to find imperfections that affect a stone’s durability.


A carat is a standard unit of measurement that’s used for measuring the mass of precious stones. While this value has a direct influence on the price of diamond jewelry, it’s also very misunderstood. For example, if you shop with just carats in mind, you may return with the largest diamond for your budget, but it may not be the best quality. When shopping, remember to buy diamonds that have a great cut, color, and clarity, as balance is crucial.

Before you can sell your jewelry in Atlanta, you’ll want to clean the pieces to make them shine. You have to be careful not to use anything that might be abrasive. Otherwise, that could damage your items and reduce their resale value. Here are 4 surprising methods for cleaning your valuables.

Silver bracelets


If your jewelry is in good condition but has lost its sparkle, you can try placing it in a glass with Alka-Seltzer for a few minutes. Even though these tablets are sold to offer relief for indigestion, they do a pretty good job in making jewelry look as good as new.

Ion Exchange

You don’t have to remember chemistry class to take advantage of a process known as ion exchange. To try this, line a small bowl or container with aluminum foil and add some hot water. Then, mix in one spoonful of bleach-free laundry detergent. The detergent must be in powdered form for this to work. Now you can let your jewelry soak in the bowl for a minute and let it air dry afterwards. This method is traditionally used to clean silverware and works great on silver ornaments.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you need to clean silver, you can use a paste made with baking soda and water to do it. Baking soda is not abrasive, but it can help you improve tarnished spots on your silver jewelry. If you’re dealing with gold, you can use baking soda and then pour some vinegar over it. However, if you have jewelry with pearls or gemstones, don’t use this method. Baking soda or vinegar could interact with the glue, causing your gems to come loose.


If you don’t have vinegar handy, you can achieve the same results with ketchup. You can use an old toothbrush to rub ketchup over your jewelry to get into all the crevices. You can also just dunk it into a small bowl of ketchup. However, you should rinse it thoroughly when you’re done to avoid damaging the silver.

If you’re interested in selling your jewelry, you’re probably wondering how you can get the most money for your items. When it comes to selling gold jewelry in Atlanta, you have different options available to you. You can sell the pieces you have for the intrinsic gold value, you can sell them online, or you can sell them to a jeweler or pawnbroker.

Jewelry 1

Regardless of which option you choose, you want to do some prep work first. It’s best to clean up your items to make them look their best. For that, you’ll want to use specific jewelry cleaners to prevent damaging your gold. Next, it’s time to do your research to make sure you know what you’re selling. After all, buying and selling jewelry is all about the value of each piece.

Scrap Value

Every piece of gold has at least some scrap value, which is the intrinsic value of the gold itself. When you sell gold for scrap, the buyer may melt the gold for other uses. Selling gold for scrap only make sense if you’re not dealing with specially designed jewelry or very valuable pieces. You should know that every piece of gold has some intrinsic value, provided it was made with real gold. However, the price per ounce will depend on the quality of the gold. Therefore, it’s best to separate your gold by karat value.

Jewelry 2

Sell Online

While it’s not the easiest or fastest way to sell jewelry, you may be able to find a buyer for your items online. Whether you take advantage of online yard sale sites or auction sites, you may not be able to maximize your profits. For one, it can be difficult to figure out how much people are willing to pay for your gold jewelry, which is why you could price your items too high or too low initially. Additionally, you must remember to include shipping costs in your calculations to make sure the sale is worth the effort to you. Alternatively, you can ask the buyer to pay extra for shipping.

Jeweler or Pawnbroker

If you want to sell your jewelry in person, a jeweler or pawnbroker is the best place to go. They have the experience to value your items and will give you cash on the spot. They may also offer you store credit in exchange for your jewelry, too. If you want to be sure that you’re getting a fair offer, you can always take your jewelry to more than one place and compare directly.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018 06:38

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Gold

When gold prices are down, it's the time to buy. However, buying gold can get tricky if you don't know much about the precious metals industry. Sometimes, people can get fooled into buying gold and silver that is unrealistically overpriced. A common tactic by unfair jewelers is trying to sell you a lower karat item for the price of a higher one. If you have all the right information when you walk into your local pawn shop or jewelry store, the odds will be in your favor. There are several nearby businesses who buy gold with cash in Atlanta, but not all of them will offer you a fair deal, so it's best you come prepared. 

Pile of gold items

Negotiating on Prices the Right Way 

For those who are unfamiliar with gold karats, it may be easy to overlook obvious signs. The easiest way to determine item karat is by looking for hallmarking on the inside of a jewelry piece. Hallmarking refers to the information imprinted on jewelry, including the gold purity, manufacturers name, and even the year that item was hallmarked, However, sometimes, that information is missing, difficult to see, or faked altogether. You can find almost anything in a pawn shop, even items from other countries, which do not necessarily follow rules imposed by the Bureau of Indian Standards. While this information can be faked, gold purity cannot. There are several tests that can determine the real purity of an item. Since 24 karat gold refers to pure gold, anything lower means that other metals are present, many of them being magnetic. This means that a typical jewelers magnet will cause some sort of reaction from an item if the purity is lower than 24. However, often, those extra metals are not magnetic, such as zinc, which means you only have 2 choices left: either cut the piece open and drop specialized acid on it, which most jewelers will not agree to, or buy your gold from a trusted jeweler. If you don’t know where to buy gold in Atlanta, we suggest looking at some reviews. 

Gold jewelry

Getting the Most for Your Money 

Jewelry scams are common, which is why you have to be very careful. A common rule of thumb is: if the deal seems too good to be true, it usually is. Purchasing gold items from random people on the internet is the easiest way to get scammed, since you're never working with a professional jeweler. Businesses who buy gold with cash in Atlanta, such as the Elan Diamond Group, live based off reputation, meaning they have to provide you with honesty and professional service. Even if you do not plan on walking in but have general concern about an item you wish to buy, feel free to call one of your jewelers and ask for some professional advice! 

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