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How to Calculate the Value of Your Gold

Whether you need to know where to buy or sell gold in Atlanta, you need to know how much it’s worth. While the value of gold can change on a daily or even hourly basis, it can help you if you learn the basic way to calculate the value of a specific amount of gold based on the current value. Knowledg...

Appraisal: The First Step in Selling Jewelry

Before you sell your jewelry, you should always have it appraised. Why is an appraisal important, and how do you know that you're getting a good appraisal? You can continue reading below to learn more. How Important Is It? Without an appraisal, you're effectively flying blind. Even if know how much...

How to Sell Gold for the Best Price

Commercials are constantly telling you how easy it is to sell gold and how much money you can make doing it. Is it really that simple, and how will you get the best price? Where to Start First, you need to know what you have. Gold is sold by karat, weight, and spot price. The karat is a measure of p...

A Brief Guide to Selling Rolex Watches

Selling your watch may seem like a fairly easy and straightforward process, but it might not be if you want to get the best deal. It's unfortunate, but the pre-owned Rolex industry has many counterfeiters and dishonest business owners. When you first start looking for appraisals, you may notice that...

How to Easily Sell Your Luxury Watch

Once you’ve decided to sell your luxury watch, it can be hard to know where to turn. Selling such items can be difficult, as they’re complicated pieces of machinery and you want to get the best price. Fortunately, there are many places to sell luxury watches in Atlanta. You just have to know where t...

Smart Ways to Sell Your Gold

Whether you're a collector or someone who has a lot of unused jewelry or coins lying around, finding a jeweler who knows precious metals and gems and who you can deal with whenever you have a related issue can be the beginning of a productive business relationship. Here are more tips for being smart...

Choosing the Right Place to Sell Your Diamonds

You may have various reasons for selling your diamond ring. Perhaps it holds painful memories of lost loved ones or past relationships, or maybe it's just time for something new. Whatever the reason, you couldn't pick a better time to sell your diamond than right now. While diamond prices are on the...

How to Determine the Value of Your Diamond Jewelry

How much are your diamonds worth? There are many possible answers to this question because diamonds have a tremendous range of monetary values, and it is hardly reliable to base its value on the size or color alone. Many factors determine the overall value of diamond jewelry. If you are interested i...

Tips for Selling Diamond Jewelry

Don’t settle for a diamond sale that’s less than what your gem is worth. Discover how you can find the right buyer to purchase your pieces for the right prices.

The Right Way to Sell Used Diamond Jewelry

In the past year or so, diamond prices in China and India have soared. One result is that jewelers in North America are now purchasing more diamonds from the public than ever before. What this means to you is that the market is extra ripe right now. So, if you’ve been thinking about selling diamond...
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