Get Instant Cash for Your Gold and Silver Jewelry

Get Instant Cash for Your Gold and Silver Jewelry


Are you sitting on a pile of money without realizing it? If you have a collection of old rings, necklaces, or other jewelry pieces, you could cash in. Whether you have gold or silver items on hand, selling fine jewelry in Atlanta is an easy way to pad your pocket and declutter your home. With these helpful tips and tricks, you can find the right buyer and walk away with instant cash.

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Know the Worth

Every piece of jewelry has a story. Some are vintage and others may have been recent anniversary gifts. No matter where your jewelry has been, it’s important to know what it’s worth before trying to sell it. A fine jewelry appraiser should be your first stop during your selling process. These experts will weigh and thoroughly examine each of your pieces. Based on their findings, they’ll assign a value to each piece of your used jewelry, giving you a good idea of what it’s worth.

Clean Each Piece

Before you try to sell your jewelry, make sure that it’s ready to sparkle and shine. Using a fine jewelry cleaner and a soft-bristled brush, remove any tarnish or debris that’s preventing your pieces from looking their best. While it may seem unnecessary to clean jewelry that you’re about to sell, you may find that you’re offered a higher price based on appearance alone. Don’t miss out on extra money simply because you aren’t willing to put in a little bit of work.

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Find the Right Buyer

There are many different ways to sell your silver and gold pieces. You could send it off in the mail and wait weeks for a response and even longer for the actual money, but why risk it? The most secure way to sell your fine jewelry is by visiting a buyer in person. A reputable buyer will be prepared to offer you cash on the spot, after a thorough inspection, of course. They’ll perform a basic appraisal of their own and they’ll weigh each item. Based on the amount of gold, silver, and precious stones present, they’ll offer you a specific price. Instead of asking you to leave your jewelry for a few hours before a decision is made, they’ll offer you instant cash. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll have the chance to make a few extra dollars and get rid of any unwanted jewelry.

Don’t be fooled by mail-away scams. Instead, get cash for your jewelry in Atlanta by finding a reputable buyer who is willing to give you an honest deal. In no time, you’ll have cash in hand and be on your way.

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