How to Value Your Rolex Watch

How to Value Your Rolex Watch


Whether you're tired of your old Rolex and want to upgrade, or inherited a style of Rolex that isn't your style, selling your watch shouldn't be a difficult affair. Each year, Rolex and other luxury watch brands release new lines and models of watches. Luckily, Rolex is one of the finest watch brands in the world and thus each Rolex watch retains its value over time. Each offers special features and has a different resale value. This guide will help you figure out which Rolex you have and how to sell your Rolex in Atlanta with as little hassle as possible.

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Gather Your Documentation

Receipts and certifications are the easiest way to determine which type of Rolex you have and what it's worth. Rolex watches come with certificates that clearly state the line, model, and year of the particular item. Receipts can also provide information on where and when the watch was bought, which can help you locate a salesperson who could solve your model issue, in the event you can't locate the certificate. Even if you don't have these types of documentation, there are still other ways to establish your piece’s value before going to Rolex watch buyers in Atlanta.

Take Off the Band

Rolex watches have the model and serial number printed on them beneath the band. Removing the band of your Rolex is as easy as finding a pin and clearing a space on a table. Use the pin to push out the lugs that hold the sides of the band onto the head of the watch. Repeat on the other side of the watch face and you'll have all the information you need to discover the worth of the watch. Remember to use caution and not scratch or otherwise damage your watch as you put the lugs back.

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Find Comparable Items Online

Once you have this information, you can start looking for similar items online to establish the piece's value. You should be careful to only trust reliable websites and businesses that have an established presence either in a particular area or on the website domain over the course of years. You can also look on sites like eBay and Amazon to see what other independent owners of Rolex are selling their watches for.

After you've found some comparable items, it's time to decide who to sell your Rolex to. We're one of the reliable and fair Rolex buyers in Atlanta. You can check out buying guides and sale prices in order to get the final piece of the puzzle to help you sell your watch.

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