How to Calculate the Worth of a Cartier Watch

How to Calculate the Worth of a Cartier Watch


Many people love owning and showing off luxury items, but some people don't like the pressure of having to guard and care for expensive jewelry or other items. If you have an old Cartier or other luxury watch and you don't wear it anymore, discovering the value and selling it can provide you with cash for the holidays or to save. With this type of sale, information is power and understanding the value of your watch can make the difference between a fair and unfair selling price. Here are some techniques you can use to get the best price for your Cartier watch.

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Validate the Brand

Around the world, many artisans manufacture fake luxury watches for profit. The first step for selling your Cartier watch is to validate the brand with documentation and by examining the piece. If you have a receipt for your watch, this is the easiest way to establish the provenance and brand. Before you decide to google "where to sell my watch," look for receipts, the box the watch was sold in, or start researching telltale markers of a genuine Cartier with the following methods.

Find Comparable Items Online

Searching the Cartier catalog, you'll find many different lines of watches with models of varying price. For example, one Cartier line is the Ballon Bleu. A model in the line is the W6920032, a sleek and non-showy watch, which is listed brand new at more than $10,000. Because of the sheer number of different watches in each line, we can't list all of them here, but starting with the time period when you or your relative acquired the watch is a good start. Looking through the Cartier catalog until you find a watch that looks like yours will narrow the field significantly before you go looking for Cartier watch buyers.

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Check for Special Features

One you have a comparable watch discovered, you should check for any special features like a famous past owner or a special additional feature that might make the watch more expensive than the average piece in the line. This part of valuation goes hand in hand with an assessment of wear damage, which will lower the price when you go to sell your Cartier in Atlanta.

Account for Damage

If there are little scuffs or scratches on the watch, this will negatively impact the price. To get the best price possible, having the watch cleaned and polished by a specialist might remove some imperfections that will prevent you from getting the best price when you sell your Cartier watch in Atlanta. A cleaning could be well worth the effort.

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