5 Ways to Buy Gold with Cash

5 Ways to Buy Gold with Cash


Gold is a favorite investment of those who have extra cash to spend. Others prefer to leverage their money on gold and other precious metals when the foreign exchange or even the prices of stocks are too volatile. Still, others just buy gold and wait until prices go up so they can sell for a profit. There are many ways you can get a hold of this precious metal or buy gold with cash in Atlanta.

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1. Buying Used or Scrap Gold

A favorite way to get your hand in cheap gold is to purchase used or broken gold jewelry. If you’re looking to invest in Atlanta gold, then this is a great way to start building your stash. Broken watches and jewelry sellers are cheaper because people want to sell them immediately to replace them. Otherwise, it costs more to get them repaired.

2. Estate Sales

One way to get used or scrap gold is to watch out for estate sales. Many investors score a lot of gold jewelry and accessories at excellent prices. You’ll be surprised at how much gold you can source out from these sales.

3. Heirloom Jewelry

If you know family and friends who are looking for quick cash, they might be willing to sell heirloom pieces for cheap. You can also find them from places that buy gold and silver in Atlanta. These pawnshops sell gold at a profit.

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4. Gold Bullions, Bars, and Coins

Purchasing gold bullions and coins is also a typical way to invest in gold. Like earlier said, this precious metal is used as a hedge to protect your investment when there is a rise in global prices, and you risk losing all of your foreign exchange or cash because gold resists inflation. When this happens, you can theoretically sell your forex and then buy gold. Later on, you can set out to purchase other favorable assets for investment. Historic coins are also excellent gold investments. Gold coins dating back pre-1930’s are the most valuable, so make sure to keep an eye on these items.

5. Pawnshop Finds

Unclaimed pawned items are also a great way to buy Atlanta gold. Legitimate pawnshop businesses sell them at lower prices. You can even guarantee the authenticity of the objects, so buying from them is safer than buying from an individual.

There are other ways to purchase gold for immediate resale or speculation. Many people find it rewarding because you can search and haggle for scrap gold and sell it at hugely profitable prices. You can have it melted and reset into new jewelry or sell it to bigger gold investors at higher prices. Whichever way you choose to profit from gold, make sure to deal with reputable sellers and perform due diligence when buying or selling gold for your protection.

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