A Brief Guide to Selling Rolex Watches

A Brief Guide to Selling Rolex Watches


Selling your watch may seem like a fairly easy and straightforward process, but it might not be if you want to get the best deal. It's unfortunate, but the pre-owned Rolex industry has many counterfeiters and dishonest business owners. When you first start looking for appraisals, you may notice that the estimates you receive can vary by hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. It can be very difficult to sort through the misinformation to find reliable help.

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Reputation Matters

When it comes to luxury watches and other fine goods, reputation is everything. You should always start your search by looking for established dealers who have customers, contacts, and partnerships in the industry. This helps you distinguish the trustworthy from the unscrupulous. Some local jewelry stores may have been in the area for decades, and their good name should be known without question. These locations are where you will find an appraiser that can be trusted. Of course, you should still opt for multiple appraisals to get a general idea of the range that you can reasonably expect.

You can always check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to get more information about a company. Additionally, you should always be hesitant to work with a dealer that exclusively does business online. Ideally, they should always have a brick-and-mortar presence available, preferably locally. Getting to know someone face-to-face can be extremely helpful. If you'll have merchandise to sell in the future, it's a good idea to already have a relationship established. Dealers tend to work with the same people time and time again, so being on their shortlist is a great way to get good deals and stay in the know.

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What to Avoid

As mentioned previously, most online dealers should be avoided. You probably thought about going to eBay immediately, but it's a terrible idea. Not only are you unlikely to get a fair price, but you're also unlikely to move any luxury items, including Rolex watches. There are collectibles and other items that can sell very well on eBay, and eBay has rightly earned a good reputation for moving certain types of merchandise. However, you should probably never bother posting your Rolex. Craigslist is an even worse option. It has none of the safeguards in place that eBay has, and in no way could Craigslist be considered an expert company when it comes to appraising and selling luxury watches. You shouldn't even consider Craigslist as a last resort.

Mom-and-pop jewelry businesses may be quaint and charming, but most of them have little, if any, experience with Rolex. Their appraisals will be hit-and-miss, and they'll likely have no contacts for actually moving the product. Companies that have a national or international presence are going to be much better bets, and they're far more likely to have interested buyers. They'll also have more experience with brands like Rolex. If you seriously want to sell a Rolex watch in Atlanta, you should start with established, professional companies. The rest of the process will be much easier from there on out.

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