How Used Jewelry Can Be Sold at a Satisfactory Prices

How Used Jewelry Can Be Sold at a Satisfactory Prices


People often get excited by the rare find at an estate sale or when they just happen to inherit a seemingly gorgeous piece of jewelry. But, it's important to manage your expectations and look at the item as objectively as possible. You should always keep in mind that anyone buying your jewelry is looking to make a profit on it themselves, so you're unlikely to getting anything near retail prices. Of course, it is possible to make sure that your used jewelry is sold at a satisfactory price. You can keep reading below to learn more.


Know What You're Selling

Evaluation is key. You can get a rough estimate for your jewelry by looking at eBay or similar sites to see what the current value is on the market. However, that little bit of amateur sleuthing is not a substitute for a professional appraiser. If you don't want to fork over the money for a professional appraisal, or the jewelry likely isn't worth enough to make it a practical expense, you can settle for a pawnbroker or receive a free evaluation from a professional diamond buyer. Checking with two or three different people can give you a basic range for what you can reasonably expect. People who are active in the industry have a good idea of current market trends, so you'll get a good idea for what similar pieces are going for right now.


Prepare It and Sell It

Once you have an idea for what you can expect, and you know that you want to sell your used jewelry, make sure that it looks as polished and presentable as possible. Appearance really matters when it comes to jewelry, and you should try make it as appealing and attractive as you can. Be sure to shop around a bit, since the first offer won't necessarily be the best. If you look overly desperate, there are plenty of people who may be willing to take advantage of that, so try to be comfortable and at ease.

When the jewelry is as close to looking like new as you can get it, be sure to look for local jewelers. Local jewelers are likely to give you the best and most competitive price. Pawnbrokers tend to shortchange people as much as they can, so you should only settle for a pawnbroker if you have no other option, or if they happen to give you an exceptional deal. As a rule, local jewelers are your best option, but not all stores purchase used jewelry. If they don't generally deal in used jewelry, they may only be willing to give you store credit, rather than cash. If you're looking to sell used jewelry in Atlanta, that's probably not something that you're willing to do, so keep looking. You should be able to find a jeweler who's willing to give you a reasonable deal, even if it requires a little bit of leg work.

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