Ways to Determine the Value of Your Rolex

Ways to Determine the Value of Your Rolex



Ask anyone about watches, and they’ll tell you that Rolex stands at the pinnacle of watchmakers. Their precision and design have defined luxury for decades. If you own one, surely it’s a prized possession, but what is it actually worth? Many who are looking to sell or insure their Rolex want to know this answer, but finding the value can be somewhat tricky. Looking up the year and make of the watch doesn’t really give you an exact picture, since there are many other variables that could contribute to your specific Rolex. Some may lose or gain value over time, and some may contain upgrades that may appear to be simple, but can make a huge difference in the market price. Whatever your reason is for wanting to know this number, here’s a few ways to figure out the exact value of your Rolex.

Find the Box and Warranty

First, start out by finding out if you still have the box and the appropriate paperwork that the watch came with at purchase. If you don’t have the box or warranty, it doesn’t mean that the watch necessarily devalued, but it does help if the original documents are present, especially if you’re looking to sell the watch.

Know the Model Number

Next, locate the model number, which you can find on the watch or within the paperwork. Once you know the model number, you can start doing your own research online. You can check a number of different websites, like eBay, to see what the watch is selling for to get a better idea of how much your watch is worth.

Find a Reliable Seller

If you search ‘sell my Rolex in Atlanta’ online, you’ll see a number of different certified Rolex dealers, but you want to get some recommendations and find one that’s reliable, fair, and trustworthy. Don’t just walk into any jewelers, as they can be vague or dishonest about the actual value. A reliable dealer will be able to give you exact prices, tell you if the watch should or should not be polished, or if it needs maintenance.

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