Determining the Worth of Your Antique Gold Jewelry

Determining the Worth of Your Antique Gold Jewelry



Estimating the value of jewelry can be quite tricky, even for someone with years of experience. Antique jewelry is often more of a challenge. After all, it's not like you can just walk into a local store and compare your antique piece of jewelry to something currently on display. It simply isn't that straightforward. So, how do you determine the worth of your antique gold jewelry?


First and foremost, you need to determine whether or not something really is an antique. There's a big difference between something being a little bit older and a true antique. Just because your grandma owned it doesn't make it an antique. Items that are at least 100 years old are considered to legitimately be antique jewelry. Vintage clothing could be no more than a few decades old, but antique jewelry needs a century or more to be the genuine article.

Unfortunately, inherited jewelry almost never comes with a certificate of authenticity, and an actual receipt is unlikely to survive a generation or two. There are appraisers that specialize in antiques, but it can be questionable as to whether or not it's worth paying for their expertise. You might want to consider the condition of the item as well.



This is perhaps the most important factor taken into consideration when estimating the value of antique jewelry. Antiques that are in poor condition won't be highly sought-after by collectors, and they're unlikely to fetch a high price. On other hand, jewelry that may be no more than a century or two old may be highly valuable if it has been kept in superb condition. Is there a broken clasp? Does there appear to be severe discoloration? Those are just a couple details to look at. Be sure to have any damage repaired before cleaning and polishing.


Different time periods come in and out of fashion just as with any other industry. Is it from the Gregorian Era? Some people will prefer the Victorian Era instead. There are many antique items from the Edwardian Era that have survived in excellent condition to the modern day, but that doesn't automatically make it in highly in demand. Determining the age and era requires expert knowledge that most people simply don't possess. Be sure to consult a jewelry appraiser that specializes in antiques. You'll get the most accurate information from someone that has established expertise.


Do you have a ring? Is it a necklace, or are you trying to identify a bracelet? Some pieces are more indicative of a particular time period or style than others. You'll quickly discover that staples of a particular era are almost always in demand, However, collectors also appreciate antiques that are more unique. After all, unique implies rare, and true rarities are hard to find. Selling gold jewelry in Atlanta isn't always as easy as you might like. Having professional assistance can be incredibly valuable.

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