Getting the Most from Your Loose Diamonds

Getting the Most from Your Loose Diamonds


If you have precious stones or gold jewelry that you rarely or never use, you may be thinking about selling them. The good news is that diamonds and gold always have some inherent value because these precious metals can be reused and look as good as new. However, to get the best price when you sell your diamonds in Atlanta, here are a few tips you should follow.


Find a Reputable Buyer

Before you sell your jewelry, it's important to research the person or company who's buying it from you. A legitimate seller will give you the information you're looking for and not hide online or elsewhere. They'll have a website, a physical address, and a phone number you can call. You may also want to look at reviews online to ensure you're not dealing with a scam artist of any kind.

Understand Values

There is a difference between the appraisal and cash value of your jewelry. The appraisal value is the amount you would insure your jewelry for, and it's also how much it would cost to replace what you have. That means the appraisal value is the cost of your jewelry if you were to buy them brand new. Naturally, the actual cash value of your diamonds is lower than that. Incidentally, if you purchase cash value insurance, you won't get enough money to replace your valuables, so keep that in mind.

Before you take your diamonds to a seller of any kind, you may want to do some research on what they're worth. If you're not sure about the cut, clarity, or karats, you should try finding some paperwork for the jewelry when you bought it. It might tell you what you need to know to determine how much it could be worth.


No Pressure

A reputable buyer will never pressure you into selling your jewelry. While they make money with buying and selling, they're not dependent on you to part with your things. You should always have the opportunity to go home and sleep on it. And it's a good idea to do that, because that way you won't make a decision you could potentially regret later. 

There is one other thing you should consider when selling any valuables: you might have an emotional reaction. If the jewelry is meaningful to you, it's definitely not a good idea to sell it right away so you’ll have time to think it over. Otherwise, it's best if you can try to keep your emotions out of the deal. After all, you can't really put a price tag on memories. But if you're ready to sell your valuables, it doesn't make sense to reject a reasonable offer and let your emotions get in the way of the sale.

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