How to Estimate the Worth of Your Used Jewelry

How to Estimate the Worth of Your Used Jewelry


With all the campaign advertisements from jewelry buyers stating “We buy used jewelry” in Atlanta, you may wonder how much you can get from trinkets you don’t wear anymore. The appeal to sell is there. But, how can you distinguish between low- and high-paying pieces and what’s a fair price?

To know the value of your jewelry, you have to take into account three factors: style, condition, and intrinsic value. You don’t have to be a gemologist to prevent a bad sale. You can, though, do your homework and research to know how each factor influences the price. Here’s how.



The jewelry industry is primarily driven by style and desirability. Many buyers will price the value of your jewelry based on how profitable it is and how quickly they can resell it. If there’s not a demand for the style of jewelry you’re trying to sell, you may not receive a reasonable amount.

While some styles may have a timeless appeal, others may be part of a trend. Outdated jewelry won’t receive an optimal value; in fact, those that are so outdated may only be valued at their intrinsic worth. On the other hand, antique pieces that are at least 100 years old or so can make a decent profit—potentially hundreds of dollars.


Your jewelry’s condition has a significant effect on its worth. Depending on the possible, overall profit, the price of repair may or may not be counter-intuitive from a buyer’s standpoint. Severely worn out jewelry can be difficult to restore and is often valued at its intrinsic value.  

Intrinsic Value

Intrinsic value, also known as cash value, is the recycle worth of jewelry based on its metal and gem components. The intrinsic value of the metal is calculated using its daily price, mass, and purity. Calculating the price of the gem is slightly more complicated, requiring the wholesale price and the gem’s cut grade.

The intrinsic value of your jewelry is often an accurate point of reference for most jewelry buyers. For this reason, it’s best to do a bit of research while appraising. A professional appraiser can help you get an accurate estimate.

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