How to Know the Worth of Your Diamond

How to Know the Worth of Your Diamond


If you own a diamond, or if you've come in the possession of an antique diamond that is, perhaps, a family heirloom, you've likely wondered about its value. While the market for diamonds is fluid, and the value changes, there are a few techniques that are applied when selling used diamonds in Atlanta that you might want to keep in mind.


The Diamond's Quality

The quality of a diamond is measured by 4 standards (or the 4 C's): color, clarity, cut, and carat. If you're lucky, your diamond comes with a certificate where these characteristics are graded for you, which is helpful in determining its value because you can easily compare to other diamonds with similar grades. If you don't have a certificate, then when you sell gold or diamond jewelry in Atlanta, the first thing the jeweler will do is grade your diamond accordingly.

The Diamond Market Price

Once your diamond is graded, you can do a check online to find similarly graded stones. Their prices should give you a good estimate of where to start when determining your diamond's value.

Resale Value

The market price is a good indicator of the diamond's value, but is not an accurate measure of what you can actually get for your diamond. Jewelers will not pay nearly what they pay their suppliers because when they purchase from wholesalers, they have guarantees, warranties, and financing arrangements that private sellers don't have. While there is a broad range of prices your diamond my fetch, generally, anticipate the diamond to be worth 20%-30% the market value, and perhaps as high as 60%.

The Value of the Band

Unless your diamond is standing alone, you'll want to estimate the value of the ring's band. First, you'll need to establish the metal the band is made of, and then its purity. Its purity is reflected in its karats. For instance, 14 karats means the metal is 58% gold. Once you weigh the ring (subtracting for the weight of the stones), you can determine how much gold makes up the band, and hence its value.

While following these guidelines will give you an idea of your ring's value, you'll never truly the value of your diamond ring until you have it appraised by a jeweler who sells gold and diamond jewelry in Atlanta.

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